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  1. Greenwich Public Schools: Mayas
    Explains in simple terms many aspects of the ancient Maya, such as how their
    calendar ... Includes items from daily life, funerary ...
  2. Ancient Sacred Knowledge - Uncovering Powerful Spiritual Practices
    Here is an excerpt from the Hua Hu Ching, an ancient Taoist text, speaking of
    what ... for activity and deeds in daily life and in ...
  3. Aztec, Inca, and Maya History - Kid Info
    History of Ancient Indian Civilizations, History of the Aztecs, History of the Incas,
    ... Daily Life in the Maya Empire for ...
  4. Corn and the Maya - Mundo Maya Online
    Corn as staple and symbol played a major role in all aspects of Maya life. ... basis
    of the Maya diet; in many communities, it ...
  5. Maya - Countries and Their Cultures
    Where the ancient Maya used stone tools for clearing and hardened the end of ....
    so much i am currently using it for a world cultures ...
  6. Everyday Life Matters: University Press of Florida
    Various chores completed during the course of a person's daily life, though at first
    ... at Northwestern University, is the editor of ...
  7. Tales of the Maya Skies - Online Activities
    Tales of the Maya Skies tells the story of how the ancient Maya interwove ... The
    cosmological beliefs and daily life of ...
  8. Fall 2014 ANTHRO 328-0 The Maya - Northwestern University
    What was life like for the ancient Maya people who inhabited what is now Central
    ... and cities to farmers' homes and fields - ...
  9. Lost City Revealed Under Centuries of Jungle Growth
    Apr 26, 2011 ... The ancient Maya city of Head of Stone—a hundred buildings ... Maya centers
    were organized and what ...
  10. Ancient Maya Commoners - University of Texas Press
    Much of what we currently know about the ancient Maya concerns the ... Daily
    Life in a Highland Maya Community: ...
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