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  1. Maya Daily Life
    Many customs of the ancient Maya are present in modern-day indigenous
  2. Exploring Daily Life throughout History : How Did They Live?
    Lin and Don Donn are teachers offering information on daily life in the Aztec, Inca
    , and Mayan civilizations as well as in ...
  3. Daily life of ordinary people in ancient Maya murals
    Dec 1, 2009 ... The prehistory tends to favor elites. Ancient Maya iconography, writing, and
    artifacts reveal much about the ...
  4. Mayan Scientific Achievements - Facts & Summary - HISTORY.com
    The ancient Maya, a diverse group of indigenous people who lived in parts of ...
    The Maya strongly believed in the influence of the ...
  5. Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World - Lynn V. Foster ...
    It introduces the evolution of Maya civilization and the geography of the ... and
    astronomy, Mayan languages and writing, industry ...
  6. Lesson 2: Ancient Artifacts - Dig-It! Games
    Identify Maya artifacts. • Associate artifacts with aspects of Maya daily life.
    Materials: The Ancient Artifacts student ...
  7. Ancient Mayans - Awesome Library
    Mayas - Daily Life (Donn). Provides information on the daily lives of the ancient
    Mayas. Also called Mayans. 03-06. New ...
  8. World of Ancient Maya | Anthropology Department, UC Berkeley
    A final goal of this course is to bring ancient Maya daily life... well.... to life, as
    much as possible. This will include the ...
  9. Powerpoint on Mayan daily life - Resources - TES
    Includes info and pics of what the Mayans ate, wore, lived and their forms of ...
    This is a fantastic overview of Mayan daily ...
  10. Ancient Maya: Knowledge through art – Lesson Plan | Lesson ... - PBS
    Feb 18, 2013 ... Students will read about ancient Maya culture and how we have learned ...
    Students will develop an understanding ...
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