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  1. Maya Daily Life
    Many customs of the ancient Maya are present in modern-day indigenous
  2. Greenwich Public Schools: Mayas
    Kukulkan was the feathered serpent god of the ancient Mayans. ... predict the
    movement of the stars, seasons, and to make important ...
    HOUSEHOLD: Just as they did in ancient times, modern Maya villagers live in
    household .... ritual, and to transform the profane ...
  4. Daily Life in Maya Civilization by Robert J. Sharer | 9780313351303 ...
    Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Hardcover. This examination of daily life in
    ancient Maya civilization presents the very latest ...
  5. Ancient Maya Commoners - University of Texas Press
    Much of what we currently know about the ancient Maya concerns the ... Daily
    Life in a Highland Maya Community: Zinacantan ...
  6. Maya - Countries and Their Cultures
    Where the ancient Maya used stone tools for clearing and hardened the end of ....
    so much i am currently using it for a world cultures ...
  7. Civilization.ca - Mystery of the Maya - Maya civilization
    The Maya are probably the best-known of the classical civilizations of ... For those
    who follow the ancient Maya traditions, the belief ...
  8. World of Ancient Maya | Anthropology Department, UC Berkeley
    A final goal of this course is to bring ancient Maya daily life... well.... to life, as
    much as possible. This will include the ...
  9. 12 Interesting Facts About The Ancient Mayans, Photos - Educating ...
    Nov 5, 2012 ... Health and medicine among the ancient Maya was a complex blend of ... in their
    religious rituals, but they also ...
  10. Foster, Lynn V. Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World
    Lynn V. Foster's Handbook to Life in the Ancient Maya World is a ... an aspect of
    Mayan daily life between city-states, and ...
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