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  1. Medicine - Inca Encyclopedia Block C - PBworks
    The Inca doctors checked the llama's lungs, because the believed it would show
    them ... Some interesting facts of the ...
  2. Inca Tern (Larosterna inca) - BirdLife species factsheet
    Larosterna inca is found along the Pacific coast from northern Peru south to ...
    Key facts. Current IUCN Red List category, Near ...
  3. 15 Year Old Incan Girl Found after 500 Years ... - Ridiculous Facts
    Apr 27, 2013 ... History has the weirdest way of uncovering itself! A more contemporary version of
    a mummy was found in the form of a 15 ...
  4. History of Machu Picchu - Inca Civilization
    History of Machu Picchu. Discover the history of the most famous remnant of the
    Inca Civilization, including mysterious facts ...
  5. Economy in the Inca empire of Peru - Peru Explorer
    information about Economy in the Inca empire of Peru. ... The main resources
    available to the Inca Empire were agricultural land ...
  6. Interesting Facts about the Incas-Impressive Magazine
    Aug 1, 2013 ... The Incas left an impressive and important legacy to the world, one that will never
    be forgotten. There are many ...
  7. Inca Government : A brief on ancient Inca Goverment System
    Inca Government : Here I discussed government system of Inca, how Pachacuti
    developed the Tahuantinsuyu system, and how it was run.
  8. Choquequirao - The Lost Inca City: Facts and Information ...
    Apr 25, 2014 ... Speak of the lost city of the Inca, and one invariably thinks that you are referring
    to Machu Picchu in what is ...
  9. The Incas - Local Histories
    Inca Life. Inca Society. At the top of Inca society was the emperor, the Sapa Inca.
    .... given a loincloth which ...
  10. Inca surgeons in the year 1000 performed cranium ... - OMG Facts
    However, it turns out that Incan surgeons were quite skilled. Judging from
    remains found in Peru from as far back as 1000 AD, researchers ...
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