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  1. A few words on Quechua - Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse
    Fun facts to know and tell about Quechua. by Mark Rosenfelder. [Out] ... You may
    have heard of Quechua as the language of the ...
  2. Spotlight: Machu Picchu - KIDS DISCOVER
    Jul 11, 2012 ... Machu Picchu — the ancient city of the Incas. A lost city. An abandoned city. A
    hidden city. One of the New Seven ...
  3. What are some of the interesting facts about the economy of the Inca ...
    Answer by Glenn Watson, Teacher: To me the most facinating thing about the
    Inca were their roads. The Incan Empire was a long thin ...
  4. Inca Religion, Arts, and Sciences - - Gale
    As the Inca empire expanded, religious practices in the Andes grew and ..... but
    kept certain key facts recorded on the knotted ...
  5. Inca Empire (1438-1572): An Empire in South America - Empires
    Key Facts ... The Inca Empire, or Inka Empire, (Quechua: Tawantinsuyu) was the
    largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The ...
  6. Ancient Scripts: Quipu
    Quick Facts ... There is still much to be learned about the Incas and their
    forebearers but .... thats cool and useful and i have ...
  7. The Shocking Technology of the Inca/Pre-Inca Civilization | Humans ...
    Feb 5, 2014 ... (German) The amazing technology of the Inca and pre-Inca cultures of the Andes
    in Peru always shocks and ...
  8. 101 Inca Empire Facts - Fun Facts for Kids
    Amazing History Books for Kids. 101 Facts... Incas! 101 FactsInca Empire.
    Over 101 amazing facts about the ...
  9. Potato Fun Facts - Northern Plains Potato Growers Association
    Peru's Inca Indians first cultivated the potato in about 200 B.C. This vegetable
    had many uses to the Incas. Raw slices were ...
  10. History of Machu Picchu - Inca Civilization
    History of Machu Picchu. Discover the history of the most famous remnant of the
    Inca Civilization, including mysterious facts ...
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