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  1. The Role of Women in Kemet, Dogon, Mayan ... - Lesley University
    Judging from the numerous women depicted in daily life on temple walls and in
    sculpture, women appear to be highly respected and ...
  2. AcTah 2012 - Maya Vibration Sound Technique - www.actah2012.com
    It is necessary that every human being stops only a few minutes in their daily
    lives to reconnect with this vital energy. I have ...
  3. Mayan Calendar Portal | Facebook
    The place to go for Tzolkin's Energies of the Day, Mayan Calendar mobile apps,
    & more!... ... This is the inherent duality in all ...
  4. Reading between the lines of the Maya calendar - Los Angeles Times
    Nov 13, 2009 ... The religion matches certain days with certain spirits, and interpreting time and
    the calendar in daily life is ...
  5. Route of the Maya - Overseas Adventure Travel
    Explore the Mayan cities of Copan, Tikal, and more in a small group tour. Explore
    today! ... A Day in the Life of a Guatemalan ...
  6. Maya Cosmic Institute - - Sacred Earth Journeys
    Courses and Mayan tours offered teach the Maya Cosmovision, the Maya ... Their
    daily life, activities, rituals and ...
  7. Mayan culture meets resort Mecca | Fifty Plus Advocates
    Oct 31, 2014 ... Its exhibits showcase the great architectural achievements of the Mayan
    civilization, along with interesting ...
  8. Learn about our Project - The Maya Hieroglyphic Codices
    This website and the Maya Codices Database were compiled with funding from ...
    Codex is concerned quite specifically with the activities ...
  9. Caged Bird Legacy | The Legacy of Dr. Maya Angelou
    Maya Angelou's Words Come to Life in in the official music video for “Harlem
    Hopscotch ... SHARE to spread the word with all ...
  10. The mayan cosmovision - mysticomaya.com
    It is a philosophy of life that encourages material wealth but also the satisfaction
    ... to cultivate significant relationship between ...
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