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  1. What was the daily life of Mayan slaves like - Answers.com
    They did work all day If you were a rich slave and you were caught in war, you
    would be sacrificed to the gods.
  2. Celebrating 25 years - Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
    Civil patrols, a daily part of village life. In 1991, when Adopt-a-Village began its
    work with the Maya, Guatemala was ...
  3. Ancient Maya Commoners - Cultor home
    Examining Ancient Maya Commoners Anew 1 jon c. lohse and fred valdez, jr. 2.
    Daily Life in a Highland Maya Community: ...
  4. Life in a Guatemalan Indian Village - Arte Maya Tz'utuhil
    Chapters of Life in a Guatemalan Indian Village ... One or two large canoes
    manned by municipal crews make daily trips to the ...
  5. Mexican Archaeology - Cambridge University Press
    An Introduction to the Archaeology of the Mexican and Mayan Civilizations of ...
    The topics discussed include social structure and ...
  6. Importance of the Calendars - Mayan Calendar
    Each calendar helped the Mayans everyday lives in different ways. Ritual
    Calendar- the ceremonial life of the Mayan people.
  7. the two and the nine - visions of the mayan gods ... - Did you see that?
    Mayan religion pervaded all aspects of daily life. The rituals the priests
    prescribed, the holidays the Maya celebrated, ...
  8. 'Pompeii of the New World' Reveals Power of Mayan Commoners ...
    Nov 9, 2015 ... The advantage of all of this detail is that it gives a look into the daily life and
    decisions of Mayan ...
  9. Nueva Xetinamit Cultural Trek | Quetzaltrekkers Guatemala
    ... on this trek that takes you to the traditional Mayan village of Nueva Xetinamit. ...
    about the Mayan calendar and cosmology, ...
  10. Chichen Itza: This pyramid is Mayan - World Traveller
    A visit to Chichén Itzá will include a tour of the grounds which will tell you about
    the structures, the people and everyday life for the ...
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