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  1. Lower Mayan Trail: San Marcos to Santa Cruz 4-Hour Hike
    See villagers going about their daily life and encounter farmers tending their corn
    and coffee fields. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the banks ...
  2. Project MUSE - Ancient Maya Commoners
    Much of what we currently know about the ancient Maya concerns the ... Daily
    Life in a Highland Maya Community: ...
  3. Free Presentations in PowerPoint format for The Mayan Empire PK-12
    advertisement. The Mayan Empire Illustration ... Twins (powerpoint) · The Mayas -
    Government, Religion, Daily Life, ...
  4. "I am Maya, not Guatemalan, nor Hispanic"—the Belongingness of ...
    These are narratives of Maya lives, most of them child survivors, who fled the .....
    In her everyday life in the United States, ...
  5. Celebrating over two decades | Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala
    The thought of getting aid to the beleaguered Mayan people in isolated mountain
    regions where fighting was part of daily life was ...
  6. Mayan water reservoir in Mexican rainforest ... - Science Daily
    Aug 27, 2010 ... It is the first example of this design found for the Maya. ... Did the population
    experience the crises of the ...
  7. The Mayans reveal their darkest mysteries: New ... - Daily Mail
    May 10, 2012 ... The excavations, which were funded by National Geographic, have already
    revealed details about the Mayan calendar ...
  8. Mayan Mysteries for the Classroom - Academics' Choice Awards
    Immersed in a long-term gaming experience, players solve puzzles about the
    Maya calendar, number system, and daily life. Players ...
  9. Why the Mayan Calendar? - Calleman
    The Mayan calendar is currently attracting interest all over the world. ... existence
    of a World Tree with a crucial role in shaping our ...
  10. The Coming of the Sixth Sun: Mayan Views of a New Cycle ...
    The Maya also use a sacred daily calendar, commonly called the tzolkin calendar
    , ... nature of the universe and assist them with ...
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