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  1. Honduras - Maya city Copán - Dr. GÜNTHER EICHHORN
    Copán is one of the three major Maya centers (besides Tikal in Guatemala and ...
    rule and culture for a while, but were eventually absorbed into ...
  2. Bringing the Spirit of Shamanism into Your Everyday Life with ...
    Bringing the Spirit of Shamanism into Your Everyday Life is a unique opportunity
    for you to receive the guidance and heart-based wisdom ...
  3. Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico | USA Today
    The Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico, provide a glimpse into everyday life during
    the late post-classic period in Mexico. Located ...
  4. Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed | Museum of Science, Boston
    Experience a cross-section of Maya life, from divine kings to the artisans and
    laborers who ... Explore what everyday life was ...
  5. The Mayan Empire (Lesson Plan) - TeacherVision.com
    Students learn about the architectural and cultural wonders of the Mayan Empire
    as they explore ancient Mayan cities and read ...
  6. World of Ancient Maya | Anthropology Department, UC Berkeley
    In this course, we will engage with the world of the pre- and post-contact Maya,
    through scholarship that explores the material culture ...
  7. Maize, salt and daily life on Mayan murals - The History Blog
    Nov 10, 2009 ... Murals found inside a pyramid at the ancient Maya site of Calakmul, Mexico, cast
    a whole new light on Mayan daily ...
  8. Free Mayan Astrology Readings - Astrology.com
    Based on the ancient science of Maya-Aztec astrology, this unique reading
    delves deep into your inner self as ... 1. Ry Redd's Edgar ...
  9. Mayan Art and Architecture - Crystalinks
    As unique and spectacular as any Greek or Roman architecture, Maya .... gods,
    great rulers, legendary heroes, religious scenes and, ...
  10. About Tikal and Mayan Culture - English
    Their legacy in stone, which has survived in a spectacular fashion at places such
    as Palenque, Tikal, Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Copan and Uxmal, ...
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