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  1. Palenque and Ancient Mayan Cities | Museum of the City
    Ancient Maya cities have been compared to cities of other ancient ... Once the
    lack of distinction between elements of daily life ...
  2. Volcanic Ash Preserved This Ancient Mayan Village, Now It's Giving ...
    Nov 5, 2015 ... Volcanic ash preserved this ancient Mayan village so perfectly that it's giving us a
    glimpse into everyday ...
  3. Realms of the Sacred in Daily Life: Early Written Records of ...
    Códices were consulted on a daily basis to determine advantageous times for
    planting crops, ... houses, markets, palaces, and other sites in ...
  4. Maya - Countries and Their Cultures
    Major life transitions (such as birth, puberty, and death) are marked by religious
    ..... so much i am currently using it for a world cultures ...
  5. Dig It Games : Learning Activities
    Understand what artifacts are and identify Maya artifacts; Learn basics of
    archaeological analysis; Associate artifacts with aspects of Maya ...
  6. Guatemala | history - geography | Britannica.com
    Oct 26, 2015 ... The richest variety of animal life inhabits the lowland forest areas, ... identity and
    to promote the various ...
  7. Mayan Messages | A Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment
    A Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment (by Theresa Crabtree) ... The Mayan Life
    Path Astrology Report is based on the day of your birth ...
  8. Tales of the Maya Skies - Online Activities
    Tales of the Maya Skies tells the story of how the ancient Maya interwove ... The
    cosmological beliefs and daily life of ...
  9. Lost City may give researchers Information on daily life of Mayan ...
    Jul 5, 2011 ... Archaeologists now believe that the discovery of the Mayan city of Holtun (which
    means Head of Stone) in Guatemala ...
  10. Everyday Life Of The Maya by Ralph Whitlock — Reviews ...
    Everyday Life Of The Maya has 5 ratings and 2 reviews. Colin said: It's really out
    of date and poorly-written. He calls the ...
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