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  1. Making Sense of the Maya | History Today
    Nigel Richardson discusses how European explorers in the 19th century began
    to solve the mystery of who the Maya were, and how they ...
  2. Maya History - Mayan Indians
    The Mayans have a very historical inheritance in the many ruins scattered
    throughout the world. Tourists from all over are ...
  3. Who were the Maya? - Central American History - Quatr.us
    Archaeologists divide Maya history into four time periods, the Pre-Classic, the
    Classic, and the Post-Classic. The Pre-Classic period ...
  4. Ancient Observatories: Chichén Itzá - Exploratorium
    HISTORY On a limestone plateau in the northern region of the Yucatan peninsula
    lie the relics of Chichén Itzá, once one of the most ...
  5. The Mayans - United States History
    The role of The Mayans in the history of the United States of America.
  6. Yucatan History – Institute for the Study of the Americas
    In fact, the Maya were responsible for the deaths of more Spaniards than any ...
    History. The Mayan civilization had been ...
  7. What are the best books on classical Mayan history and ... - Quora
    Christopher provided a very good list. My personal favorite is "Maya: Divine Kings
    of the Rain Forest" by Nikolai Grube, it is ...
  8. Mayan Dynasty Latin American History AP World History
    Mayan Latin American History including developments in politics, economics,
    culture, social life, religion and art.
  9. Tulum Ruins: Mayan Ruins Tulum Mexico photos and history ...
    Tulum Ruins of the Maya, photos and history, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  10. Ancient Mayan Astronomy - History of Astronomy - Explorable.com
    Tha Mayan civilization began at about 500 BCE, and their incredibly accurate
    astronomical calculations and sophisticated mathematics were ...
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