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  1. Mayan History - Riviera Maya WorldSite
    Mayan History The first society to settle the Riviera Maya were the Maya, an
    Indian people who developed one of the ...
  2. Mayan Civilization, Ruins and Culture in Central America
    While debating the likelihood of this prophecy can make for interesting
    conversation, Maya people saw the world as undergoing recurring ...
  3. Ancient Scripts: Maya
    While we're on the subject of what the Maya could "say", let's talk about Maya
    languages. The ...
  4. Maya - Wiktionary
    Any of the Mayan languages, such as Quiché and Yucatec. Translations[edit]. [
    show ▽]Maya people ... Ethnologue report on the Maya ...
  5. 12 Interesting Facts About The Ancient Mayans, Photos - Educating ...
    Nov 5, 2012 ... The Maya desired some unnatural physical characteristics for their children. ...
    Mayan civilization and its ...
  6. Mayan Timeline - Guatemala Tour
    The Maya city of Cerros is built, with a complex of temples and ball courts. It is
    abandoned (for reasons unknown) a hundred years later ...
  7. Prophecies of the Toltecs and Maya fulfilled
    He established not only a religion, but taught the people all manner of arts, ... The
    Mayan people, so far as records show, were the ...
  8. Tourism and Travel to Riviera Maya | Cancun.com
    Their legacy is part of the living culture of the modern day Mayan people who still
    live in the area and appreciate the many customs, ...
  9. NOVA | Cracking the Maya Code - PBS
    The story behind the centuries-long decipherment of ancient Maya hieroglyphs.
  10. The Maya And Those Who Came Before - Belize.com
    The Maya were not the first inhabitants of Yucatan and Belize - their history is
    only ... New Word by small groups of people who ...
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