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  1. Contributions of the Maya People | Voices Education Project
    Rigoberta Menchu. The Maya people developed and spread geographically
    through some 300,000 square km; they occupied parts of the South of ...
  2. Bringing to Light Mysterious Maya Cave Rituals - Discover Magazine
    Nov 12, 2014 ... The Maya people dreaded the underworld, but they could not live without it.
    Living in dark caves on the cusp of ...
  3. Mayan - definition of Mayan by The Free Dictionary
    Mayan synonyms, Mayan pronunciation, Mayan translation, English dictionary ...
    Mayan - a member of an American ...
  4. Maya ancestry may help explain the high risk of diabetes in Mexico ...
    Jun 5, 2015 ... There may be fewer Maya today than at the culture's height 3000 years ago, but
    they never disappeared. Today, ...
  5. Heart of the Mayan World
    Exactly what led to the collapse of Old Maya civilization remains a mystery, but
    today's Maya people retain many of the cultural ...
  6. Mayan People's Movement Defeats Monsanto Law in Guatemala ...
    Mayan People's Movement Defeats Monsanto Law in Guatemala. Monday, 22
    September 2014 | Third World View. Last June, the Guatemalan ...
  7. History of Tulum | Tulum Living
    Tulum is a beautiful village on the south end of the Rivera Maya that enjoys a
    deep rooted history in the important culture of the ancient ...
  8. Mayan apocalypse failure bad news for believers - Technology ...
    Dec 22, 2012 ... Friday was widely rumored online to be the end of the world, a misunderstanding
    of a calendar used by the ancient ...
  9. Ancient Mayan Civilization :: Pre-Columbian History Culture
    The Ancient Mayans used their social structure and beliefs to shape their daily
    lives. The Maya were a very religious ...
  10. CJA : Background on Guatemala
    However, this link between the Maya and the guerillas eventually became an
    idée ... that the government had perpetrated genocide against the ...
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