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  1. Guide To The Mayan People - USA People Search
    Guide To The Mayan People. The Mayan civilization is essentially a
    Mesoamerican civilization, which is well-known for its highly ...
  2. The Mayan Civilization - Family on Bikes
    We've all heard of the huge, elaborate Mayan cities scattered through southern
    Mexico and Guatemala, but the truth of the matter is that the ...
  3. The Mystery of the Mayan Disapperance Solved - Baja Insider
    The Mayans were supposedly great culture that constructed pyramids and ... For
    years most of the people who travel half way around ...
  4. Mayan experts race to convince people that tribe did NOT predict an ...
    Sep 30, 2012 ... As the clock winds down to Dec. 21, experts on the Maya calendar have been
    racing to convince people that ...
  5. Mayan People's Movement Defeats Monsanto Law in Guatemala ...
    Mayan People's Movement Defeats Monsanto Law in Guatemala. Monday, 22
    September 2014 | Third World View. Last June, the Guatemalan ...
  6. Mayan People of Cantel, Guatemala | GoAbroad.com
    Description. In an effort to be in solidarity with indigenous peoples and their
    struggle around the world, GCN has committed to work with the ...
  7. Mayan history - Lost civilizations
    Many people believe that the ancestors of the Maya crossed the Bering Strait at
    least 20,000 years ago. They were nomadic ...
    De La Selva offers a selection of handicrafts from guatemala including; worry
    dolls, worry people, hacky sacks, my worries products, ...
  9. CJA : Background on Guatemala
    However, this link between the Maya and the guerillas eventually became an
    idée ... that the government had perpetrated genocide against the ...
  10. Mayan History - Riviera Maya WorldSite
    Mayan History The first society to settle the Riviera Maya were the Maya, an
    Indian people who developed one of the ...
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