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  1. Mayan Families
    Based in Panajachel, we operate a variety of programs to support and empower
    the Maya people of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding areas.
  2. Learn more about Mayan Indians and their culture. - Indians.org
    Mayan Indians are the people that inhabit the regions of southern Mexico and
    northern Central America. Although many people ...
  3. The Mayan Civilization - Family on Bikes
    We've all heard of the huge, elaborate Mayan cities scattered through southern
    Mexico and Guatemala, but the truth of the matter is that the ...
  4. Mayan History - Riviera Maya WorldSite
    Mayan History The first society to settle the Riviera Maya were the Maya, an
    Indian people who developed one of the ...
  5. Ancient America: The Aztec, the Maya, the Inca - HistoryWiz Ancient ...
    The Maya Civilization lived in Central America, including south Mexico, Belize, ...
    The Mayan people did not disappear and continue to ...
  6. Mayan people demand an end to doomsday myth - NY Daily News
    Oct 26, 2012 ... Guatemala's Mayan people accused the government and tour groups on
    Wednesday of perpetuating the myth that ...
  7. Ancient Scripts: Maya
    While we're on the subject of what the Maya could "say", let's talk about Maya
    languages. The ...
  8. THE MAYANS - The Hidden History of Humanity
    ”There is definitely an important connection between the old Vedic people and
    Maya-ancestors. The Mayas are actually referred to ...
  9. Mayan Culture & History of the Mayans - Tulum.com
    The Mayan Culture and History will blow your mind. ... Tikal reemerged as a
    powerful city of as many as 40,000 people over six ...
  10. Contributions of the Maya People | Voices Education Project
    Rigoberta Menchu. The Maya people developed and spread geographically
    through some 300,000 square km; they occupied parts of the South of ...
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