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  1. Methods of Execution | Death Penalty Information Center
    Method. # of executions by method since 1976. # of states authorizing method.
    Jurisdictions that Authorize. Lethal Injection, 1224, 34 states + ...
  2. Descriptions of Execution Methods | Death Penalty Information Center
    For execution by this method, the inmate is typically bound to a chair with leather
    straps across his waist and head, in front of ... Return to ...
  3. List of methods of capital punishment - Wikipedia, the free ...
    Back-breaking, A Mongolian method of execution that avoided the spilling of
    blood on ... One of the most famous execution methods ...
  4. 25 of Humanity's Most Brutal Methods of Execution - List25
    Dec 16, 2011 ... Although capital punishment today is focused on ending life, in these brutal
    methods of execution it is focused ...
  5. Methods of Execution - the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
    In the 36 states, the Federal Government, and U.S. Military that currently have
    death penalty statutes, five different methods of ...
  6. Top 10 Gruesome Methods of Execution - Listverse
    Sep 12, 2007 ... ... man has frequently come up with revolting methods of killing for punishment.
    This is a list of the most revolting ...
  7. Execution Methods | American Civil Liberties Union
    It is the ACLU's position that all five current methods of execution violate the
    Eighth Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual ...
  8. Methods of Execution Used in Capital Punishment - Infoplease
    Methods of Execution Used in Capital Punishment and States That Have
    Abolished the Death Penalty. Find information about each U.S.
  9. Methods of Execution Table of Contents
    print · search · main menu. Methods of Execution. print · search · main menu.
  10. Execution methods around the world | Al Jazeera America
    Apr 30, 2014 ... Other countries continue to employ execution methods now ... Execution by
    hanging is the most common ...
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