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  1. The Flow of Energy: Primary Production - Global Change
    How are standing crop, turnover rate, and net primary production related? ....
    When calculating the amount of energy that a plant ...
  2. Net Primary Production | Sacramento River
    Net Primary Productivity (NPP) is the amount of carbon uptake after subtracting
    Plant Respiration (RES) from ... Below is the chemical ...
  3. Calculating Net Primary Productivity Tutorial - YouTube
    Jul 22, 2013 ... A short introduction to Net Primary Productivity (NPP), and instructions for how to
    calculate it from your carbon ...
  4. Primary production - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Measurement[edit]. The methods for measurement of primary production vary
    depending on whether gross vs net ...
  5. measuring primary productivity – grass plants - AP Central
    Measuring Primary Productivity - Grass Plants, Student Lab Template. ... is the
    net primary productivity (NPP), and the gross primary ...
  6. Net Primary Productivity Methods
    Net primary productivity (NPP) is defined as the net flux of carbon from the
    atmosphere into green plants per unit time. NPP refers to a ...
  7. IB Environmental Systems and Societies/Function - Wikibooks, open ...
    Net Primary Productivity: The gain by producers in energy or biomass per unit
    area per unit time ... Use the equation NPP = GPP – ...
  8. Primary Productivity - Vernier Software & Technology
    water. Primary productivity is the measure of this rate of carbon assimilation. As
    the ... Calculate net productivity (in mg/L/hr) ...
  9. Gross and Net Primary Production | Abdulhakim Abdi
    Nov 10, 2012 ... Primary production is the rate of accumulation of biomass. Gross primary
    production (GPP) is the ...
  10. 9(l) Primary Productivity of Plants - Physical Geography
    This chemical reaction can be described by the following simple formula: ...
    Subtracting respiration from gross primary production ...
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