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  1. The Flow of Energy: Primary Production - Global Change Program
    How are standing crop, turnover rate, and net primary production related? What types of .... You know the equation for photosynthesis ...
  2. Primary production - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    [edit]. Gross primary production (GPP) is the amount of chemical energy as biomass that ...
  3. How Do You Calculate Net Primary Productivity? - Ask.com
    Net primary productivity is the gross useful chemical energy minus energy used in respiration. But how this is done depends on the context.
  4. Net Primary Production Definition - About Animals and Wildlife
    Net primary production (NPP) is the total energy (or nutrients) accumulated by ... primary production and respiration, as represented by the ...
  5. IB Environmental Systems and Societies/Function - Wikibooks, open ...
    This term could refer to either gross or net primary productivity. Secondary ... Use the equation NPP = GPP – R, where R = respiratory ...
  6. Concept 3: Primary Productivity - LabBench
    Dissolved Oxygen and Aquatic Primary Productivity ... Net productivity = the organic materials that remain after photosynthetic ...
  7. How do you calculate net primary production - WikiAnswers
    Why is an ecosystem's net primary production lower than its gross primary ... Well , the formula is: dry mass (of plants)/area (of ...
  8. What is net primary productivity - WikiAnswers
    Primary production is distinguished as either net or gross, the former accounting ... Well, the formula is: dry mass (of ...
  9. GPP = NPP + R In
    Remember --- Gross Primary Production = Net PP + R. Remember: GPP = NPP + R. In grasslands, R = 120% of NPP, so that…. R = 1.2(NPP).
  10. Net Primary Productivity Methods - ORNL DAAC
    Net primary productivity (NPP) is defined as the net flux of carbon from the atmosphere into green plants per unit time. NPP refers to a rate ...
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