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  1. Rockford - Meet Single Christian Women Near You on ...
    Study4Life is a 44yr-old single woman in Rockford, Illinois. View Profile ...
    LTSpring. Committed and serious about my life and my faith ...
  2. Dawn Scott Damon | BIO - Dawn Scott Jones
    Dawn, an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, served as an executive
    Pastor for the last ... Active in ministry and missions, ...
  3. Focus One, Rockford, Illinois - ChristianVolunteering.org
    Address: 5950. Rockford, Illinois 61114. United States ... Statement of Faith. Love
    People, Love God, Love Life. Denominational ...
  4. Recommendations - Lorne Matthews Ministries
    Your openness in sharing the wonderful transformation God made in your
    marriage was both moving and inspirational. ... First Assembly of ...
  5. Indiana Youth Ministries // Indiana District Assemblies of God
    We hope this website will help better equip you for ministry. Help yourself to the
    forms and posters that are available on this site. If you are ...
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