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  1. Project Free TV - Movies - 2001 - A Beautiful Mind (2001)
    Free Movies Links and Full Online Videos for 2001 - A Beautiful Mind (2001)
  2. How real is Professor John Nash's story in 'A Beautiful Mind'? - Quora
    The movie is based on the story of a real person, the mathematician John Forbes
    Nash, Jr., The source for the movie was Sylvia ...
  3. A Beautiful Mind - MovieWeb
    Movies Like 'A Beautiful Mind'. Blow · Into the Wild · Monster · Remember the
    Titans · Catch Me If ...
  4. A Beautiful Mind Quotes by Sylvia Nasar - Goodreads
    12 quotes from A Beautiful Mind: 'I've made the most important discovery of my
    life. It's only in the mysterious equation of ...
  5. A Beautiful Mind (Movie) | Anyclip
    John Nash (Russell Crowe) is a socially awkward mathematical genius. His
    closest (and possibly only) friend is his college roommate ...
  6. A Beautiful Mind - NYU Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database
    This film was inspired by the true story of mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr.,
    who was one of three Nobelists celebrated in 1994 for their ...
  7. Mathematician John Nash, Subject Of 'A Beautiful Mind', Dies In Car ...
    3 days ago ... Nobel prize-winning mathematician John F. Nash Jr., subject of Ron Howard's
    Oscar-winning film A Beautiful ...
  8. The Tortured Genius From 'A Beautiful Mind' Killed in Taxi Crash ...
    4 days ago ... A giant in mathematics and economics has died. John Forbes Nash Jr., the
    Princeton mathematician famous for coining ...
  9. 'A Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash killed in taxi crash ...
    3 days ago ... John Forbes Nash Jr., a mathematician at Princeton University whose story was
    the basis for the movie "A Beautiful ...
  10. History vs. Hollywood: A Beautiful Mind | The American Spectator
    In the runup to the Academy Awards this year, Ron Howard's film, A Beautiful
    Mind, caught a remarkable fusillade of criticism ...
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