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  1. Computing History - The UK Computer Museum - Cambridge
    The Centre for Computing History is a computer museum based in Cambridge,
    UK. With a collection of vintage computers and ...
  2. Stories of the Development of Large Scale Scientific Computing at ...
    An Oral and Pictorial History. Compiled by. George A. Michael. Lawrence
    Livermore National Laboratory (Ret.) (and others). CRAY 1 ...
  3. The Brief History of the ENIAC Computer | History | Smithsonian
    A look back at the room-size government computer that began the digital era.
  4. Computer History Museum Prize | SIGCIS
    2014 Call for Submissions. The Computer History Museum Prize is awarded to
    the author of an outstanding book in the history of computing ...
  5. Charles Babbage Institute
    Dec 17, 2013 ... CBI's historical research program identifies areas of interest and ... CBI's core
    mission of building an ...
  6. Atlanta Historical Computing Society | A user group for computer ...
    The Atlanta Historical Computing Society officially returns to the Atlanta Maker
    Faire. Expect PC boards, expect solder, expect blinky ...
  7. Computers: History and Development
    Computers: History and Development. Nothing epitomizes modern life better than
    the computer. For better or worse, computers have ...
  8. How to Check Your Computer Browser History
    Your computer contains records that can tell you a lot about the types of activities
    your children use it for. Checking the computer's ...
  9. Computer History - S+ - Cargo
    Website telling the history of computers including the Babbage difference engine,
    early arcades, to personal computers. A ...
  10. The History of Computer Storage from 1938 - 2013 | Zetta.net
    The history of computer storage devices with a description and photo of each
    step forward.
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