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  1. Quia - Computer History Quiz
    A 25 question quiz based on Computer History, Processing Cycle, and How
    Computers are Used in Business and Society.
  2. Visualized: The Weirdest, Wildest Viruses In Computer History | Co ...
    Jul 17, 2014 ... Founded and curated by Amsterdam-based writer Bas Van de Poel, the
    Computer Virus Catalog collects the weirdest ...
  3. Atlanta Historical Computing Society | A user group for computer ...
    Jul 19, 2014 ... The Atlanta Historical Computing Society officially returns to the Atlanta Maker
    Faire. Expect PC boards, expect ...
  4. 11 Trippy Illustrations of History's Most Infamous Computer Viruses ...
    Jul 22, 2014 ... Malware isn't meant to be entertaining, and yet, many of the viruses that sneak
    their way into our computers ...
  5. The History of Computer Storage from 1938 - 2013 | Zetta.net
    The history of computer storage devices with a description and photo of each
    step forward.
  6. Computer History Museum Prize | SIGCIS
    2014 Call for Submissions. The Computer History Museum Prize is awarded to
    the author of an outstanding book in the history of computing ...
  7. History of Computers, Computing and Internet
    Everywhere you turn, you see and hear about the computer, the Internet, the
    information age, etc. During the last several decades, the ...
  8. Computers: History and Development
    Computers: History and Development. Nothing epitomizes modern life better than
    the computer. For better or worse, computers have ...
  9. Computer History - S+ - Cargo
    Website telling the history of computers including the Babbage difference engine,
    early arcades, to personal computers. A ...
  10. Section 3: The industry evolves
    A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation ... The Whirlwind and
    Forrester were moved to the Digital Computer ...
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