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  1. Index to Bemer's Computer History Vignettes - Bob Bemer
    Pointers to Computer History Heretofore Unknown to Many People.
  2. Charles Babbage Institute
    ... the history of information technology and promoting and conducting research
    in the ... scholarly publications—creating an infrastructure for ...
  3. Awe-Inspiring Computer History Museum: Half Off Admission ...
    "The Valley's answer to the Smithsonian" (USA Today), the Computer History
    Museum houses decades of inventions that ...
  4. History of computer, computer history - tracing the history of the ...
    Tracing the history of the computer, including hardware, software, games, gaming
    , gambling, programming, and operating systems.
  5. apple-history.com / specs for every apple computer, established 1996
    A brief history of the company that changed the computing world forever. Includes
    specifications, a description and pictures of every ...
  6. Computers: History and Development
    Computers: History and Development. Nothing epitomizes modern life better than
    the computer. For better or worse, computers have ...
  7. Computing at Columbia Timeline - Columbia University
    So I took some time and wrote it down, and in so doing became fascinated with
    the earlier history. I was a user of the Columbia ...
  8. History of Computers - Long, Long Ago
    History of Computers: 3000 BC to Present History of Computers - Long, Long Ago
    The Abacus. beads on rods to count ...
  9. History of Computers in Education
    History, the History of Computers, and the History of Computers in Education.
    1780 - Early public schools ...
  10. The History of the Computer | Lightspeed Retail
    Prehistoric man did not have the Internet, but it appears that he needed a way to
    count and make calculations.
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