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  1. Computer History - People Server at UNCW
    Similar mechanical adding machine made in 1640's by Blaise Pascal. Still on
    display in Paris. Pascaline The "Pascaline," from The ...
  2. History of computer, computer history - tracing the history of the ...
    Tracing the history of the computer, including hardware, software, games, gaming
    , gambling, programming, and operating systems.
  3. Computer History Museum (Mountain View, CA): Address, Phone ...
    Computer History Museum, Mountain View: See 412 reviews, articles, and 196
    photos of Computer History Museum, ranked No.1 on ...
  4. The History of Early Computing Machines, from Ancient Times to 1981
    Jun 23, 2013 ... From the abacus to the IBM personal computer, calculating devices have come a
    long way. Let's take a look ...
  5. Stories of the Development of Large Scale Scientific Computing at ...
    An Oral and Pictorial History. Compiled by. George A. Michael. Lawrence
    Livermore National Laboratory (Ret.) (and others). CRAY 1 ...
  6. History of Computers WebQuest - Johnston Community School District
    Introduction. The beginning of computing devices is not captured in historical
    books as accurately as one might think. This Web Quest ...
  7. Computer History Timeline
    Visit this site for this Computer History Timeline detailing Key dates and events.
    Fast facts and information for students, children ...
  8. Computer history pages - Internet history
    Computer history resource list. ... You can't go past the Computer History
    Museum as a starting place on this subject.
  9. Quia - Computer History Quiz
    A 25 question quiz based on Computer History, Processing Cycle, and How
    Computers are Used in Business and Society.
  10. the history of computing project
    Jan 20, 2014 ... Offers a detailed timeline on the history of computer. Sections include hardware,
    software, pioneers and ...
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