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  1. The History of the Microprocessor and the Personal Computer ...
    Sep 17, 2014 ... Over the next few weeks we'll be taking an extensive look at the history of the
    microprocessor and the ...
  2. The Ultimate Computer History Quiz - HowStuffWorks
    This Ultimate Computer History Quiz will test your knowledge of computers and
    more. Check out the computer history quiz to learn ...
  3. A Brief History of the Rice Computer, 1959-1971 - Department of ...
    While the R1 did not have much direct evolutionary influence on the history of
    computer design, its large register set (for the ...
  4. Quia - Computer History Quiz
    A 25 question quiz based on Computer History, Processing Cycle, and How
    Computers are Used in Business and Society.
  5. Computer history museum guide - Reference from WhatIs.com
    Computer History Museum Start with the biggest and perhaps best collection out
    there. The collection includes almost 50,000 objects, ...
  6. Computers, networks, and modems - Internet history
    Computer history. The most ancient processing device humans have invented
    would probably be the abacus, dating back to about 3000BC. But ...
  7. The history of the computer: in pictures - Telegraph
    The Harwell computer, or WITCH (Wolverhampton Instrument for Teaching
    Computing from Harwell), from 1951. It was able to store data and ...
  8. George Dyson: The birth of the computer | Talk Video | TED.com
    Historian George Dyson tells stories from the birth of the modern computer -- from
    its 17th-century origins to the hilarious ... Our ...
  9. IEEE Xplore: Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE
    Selected Papers On Computer Science. Nunemacher, J. ; Kidwell, P. Tue Aug 06
    00:00:00 EDT 2002 Tue Aug 06 00:00:00 EDT 2002 ...
  10. History of computers - from the Abacus to the iPhone
    Sep 28, 2014 ... Read on to learn more about the history of computers—or take a look at our
    article on how computers ...
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