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  1. Get to Know Paint Shop Pro: The Freehand Selection Tool - Corel
    Freehand Selection Tool gives you a wide variety of ways to ... Note: For this
    tutorial, we will use the flower.jpg and Flatiron ...
  2. How To Use FreeHand Selection Tool In Jasc Paint Shop Pro ...
    Jun 5, 2011 ... In this tutorial i will be showing you on how to use the freehand selection tool in
    Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. This ...
  3. Lasso technique in Corel Paint Shop Pro (Freehand selection)
    Rebecca Bradley shows us how to use the Freehand Lasso Tool.
  4. Tools
    Freehand Selection Tool - Creates non-rectangular subregions for use by various
    commands in the Edit, Process and Analysis menus.
  5. Paint Shop Pro 7 - Selection Tools - Mardiweb.com
    The Selection and Freehand Selection tools both allow you to set Antialias. ... the
    next time you use a different ...
  6. How to Use the Smart Edge Lasso Tool in Paint Shop Pro: 11 Steps
    Click on the selection tool. You may see a wand, a lasso, or the 'marching ants'
    icon. Select the lasso. It's the ...
  7. Paint Shop Pro 6 Tutorial
    You use the Tool Options dialog box to set the tool settings. ... The Freehand tool
    provides three selection ...
  8. 2.4. Free Selection (Lasso)
    The Free Selection tool, or Lasso, lets you create a selection by drawing it ... The
    Lasso is often a good tool to ...
  9. Pixelmator Tutorials – The Lasso Tool
    Since the Lasso Tool draws freehand selection borders, it is useful for ... Thanks I
    really enjoyed finally learning how to ...
  10. Masking in Photo-Paint: Main Selection Tools - Akvis
    Use these tools to select the objects. ... Corel Photo-Paint Selection Tools ... Step
    1. Select the Freehand mask ...
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